Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Listen to Morning radio? I got a couple questions for ya....

So, I've been at this morning show thing for a long time--starting in 1986, a long long time ago, at WBLM, of all places. (Capt. Ivy replaced me--and I don't think he's going anywhere soon!). I've been doing mornings at WMGX/Coast 93.1 since June 1995. Like any job, it has its' ebbs and flows, ups and downs, feasts and famines. So, my question is, what do you like in your morning show of choice? Games and contests? "Wacky" banter among the hosts? Interviews with celebrities and newsmakers?

All of the above?

Or none of the above--just "shut up and play the music"?

Radio is changing rapidly, like all forms of media are. The only way I'm going to know what morning show listeners like is to ask. So, I'm asking.

Will you help me?


  1. I think that what you're doing is pretty awesome, and hope you don't change too much.

    I love the contests (of COURSE I do! lol), the fun games.... and love the guest appearances (the Comedy Club headliner of the week especially). I will send you a private message on who I don't think is really all that funny (out of respect).

    I love that we can call in and express our opinions, even if you laugh about it once we hang up. The listener interaction is a big plus.

    I love the banter back & forth (but not the fighting).

    I've noticed that between 8 & 9 you have more music and less 'fun' stuff.... I'd like to see a bit more talking during that last hour.

    And keep the Happy Hour appearances on the book! :-)

  2. You are my favorite thing to listen to in the morning! I love the games, the talking between you and Eva, and especially listening to the coversations that you have with the listeners when you want advice on a topic. I enjoy the music but at that time in the morning I like the talk and everyones thoughts. You make me laugh and smile all the way to work. The only thing that I don't care for that much for is the comedians. I think it is hard for them to make the jokes funny when you can't see their body language. I think you guys do a great job of keeping it fresh, a hard thing to do at times I know but you guys do it. Keep up the good work, I'll be listening!

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  4. Tim, I agree with the others-you do an AWESOME job doing what you're doing. I LOVE hearing the stories about you, the boys, your wife and your life. It connects us to you and makes us see that you're like us and go through all the stuff that us everyday people go through.
    I like the banter between you and Eva too. She cracks me up! Eva is in her own little Eva world and doesn't seem to see how the real world relates to her.
    The games and contests are great! Don't ever stop those! I love Bob Marley-especially when he comes into the studio. The guests and interviews are great.
    Keep doing what you're doing. We love it-that's why we listen to you and not somebody else.

  5. Wow, second time I'm doing this and the first was perfect..."comment as" got me.
    anyway, I Love the Morning show and would change nothing. Eva is the Best replacement Ever and between the two of you, (even with a noisy bracelet, Ya'll Rock!
    Keep it up!

  6. Like the show very much. Love that you update news & weather fairly often. Could stand a little less input/opinion from the general public on whatever topic comes up. Good amount of music. I don't mind the repeats of recorded stuff (World according to Bob, Funniest Mom etc.) but it bugs me a bit when you don't SAY that you are replaying it - like it's the 1st time. You and Eva are great. Been listening to you since Tim & Lori (& worked at the DD in Jetport Gas where you bought your Hersey bar every day with your long hair ;-). I HATE the "Best of Tim & Eva" when you're away. Not sure why. Wish they would just play music and update news/weather. Just reading back on other people's comments. I think I'm the only one with any criticism! Sorry, I really do enjoy the show or I wouldn't keep listening. This is just an all around radio pet peeve but sometimes I wonder if there would be a lot of dead air without current/former American Idol winners/losers. Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't like that better!? Thanks for asking!

  7. I've been listening to your station for many years and also remember the time you spent on blm .....yes i'm old! I realize it must be difficult to span the demographics (range of ages of your listeners) but I think that's the stength of your team and what sets you apart. The key is intelligent banter and chemistry ... and the tim & EVA team have it! I like the sometimes irreverent humor and the fact that you bait the unfiltered EVA (why does my iPhone keep capitalizing her name!?). Spontaneous, informed & edgy ... I feel your delivery is spot on and the reason the tim & EVA team will shine in this ever changing era of media. (sans the chin & horse)

  8. My favorite is the banter between Tim & Eva, then the music...then the contests of course! After all, I got engaged at U2 at the Somerville Theatre last year thanks to you! (& that horrific steak!)...but the banter is the best...it is so funny, and yet you remain respectful of each other! It's great! ~Jenn Yerxa